Organization and Policies

Leadership. Each group must be under control of its own adult leaders throughout the weekend. We require that at least two adults (leaders, as defined by the rules of your organization) camp with your unit throughout the weekend; an adequate number of adult leaders for the size of your unit must be present.

In an undertaking as large as this Encampment it is not possible for Encampment officials to constantly monitor each group. For this reason the group leader is responsible for his or her group and their actions. In case of any extreme misconduct the group responsible may be ordered to leave the Encampment. To avoid this possibility each group leader must assume personal control of his or her group at all times.

At taps each group leader must conduct a bed check to see that all campers are in their own tents.

Leaders must identify their tents, even if not in competition. We ask that each group leader identify his or her tent with the designation "LEADER" in any convenient manner (for example: hanging sign, painted on tent, etc.). This will facilitate both the judging and security functions of the Encampment. (If you are in campsite competition you will lose points if you do not adhere to this rule.)

Insurance. In today’s world the subject of insurance has become more and more a concern in our lives. You should know that Patriot Days is a non-profit corporation and is not affiliated with, nor sponsored by, any Scouting organization, government agency, or any other group. We do not carry accident or medical or life insurance on participants or staff, as any effort to do so would be cost prohibitive and eliminate our ability to hold Patriot Days. You should be familiar with the rules of your parent organization and with the coverage provided by your own insurance policies as they relate to your activities that are not sponsored by your parent organization.

Security. An adult security force is on around-the-clock duty throughout the weekend. Approach them if any problem arises.

Individuals must not patrol the Encampment after hours.

Security issues after hours should be reported to the night security tent behind headquarters.

Event Staff. Patriot Days staff members will be identified with special t-shirts. Feel free to approach them with any questions, information, comments, or problems.

Announcements. Announcements will be posted at Encampment headquarters. Schedule updates, place changes, and other information will be posted.

Leaders' Meetings. Adult leaders' meetings will be conducted at the lower macadamed area near Headquarters Friday and Saturday evenings. Check your schedule for times. Only one leader from each unit should attend this meeting. One adult leader must remain with your unit.

First Aid. Qualified medical personnel will be on duty through the weekend.

Emergency ambulance service is available close-by. If hospital transport is required the camper, if he be a minor, must be accompanied by an adult from the camper's group. Any fees relating to hospital transport are the responsibility of the patient and billed directly by the ambulance association on duty.

Be sure to bring a plentiful supply of sunscreen and beware of ticks during the weekend.

Water. Water taps are located at designated spots in the Encampment. Use these taps only to fill containers. No washing of campers or dishes is permitted at the water taps. Do not run water on the ground; consider those who must use the tap after you.

Please bring full water containers with you to avoid taxing the water supply.

Waste Disposal. Waste water disposal holes are located along the perimeter of the Encampment. Use these holes only for waste dish water and other wash water.

Place garbage and trash in plastic bags and dispose in containers placed throughout the Encampment. (In fact, costs for the Encampment could be kept to a minimum if you are able to carry your trash home with you.)

Charcoal, when dead out, should be placed in specially marked containers; do not dump on the ground, in waste water disposal holes, or in the dumpsters.

Broken equipment should not be left behind at the Homestead.

Dress. Each Encampment participant is expected to dress appropriately for camping, which could include group uniforms, T-shirts, hats with visors to protect from the sun, sneakers, and other casual gear. Dress that would be more appropriate for lounging at a swimming pool is not encouraged for Patriot Days. Note that the Homestead is open to visitors through much of the weekend. If your unit is in competition you group appearance directly influences your score for appearance. We suggest All campers should wear proper foot gear at all times.

Shelter. Use only tents for shelter. No camper trailers, travel trailers, or mobile homes are permitted on the Homestead. Kitchen/Cooking units which can be defined as trailers are not permitted.

Cooking. We prefer that cooking be done on charcoal burning stoves that do not touch the ground. If you choose to use propane stoves, they must be operated only under direct adult supervision. (This factor will also be taken into consideration by judges.)

Generators. Electrical generators should not be used at Patriot Days.

Campsite Maintenance. Each group must camp only in the area assigned to that group. No tents, pegs, lines or other items may cross the site boundary lines No encroachments may be made on the company streets. No trees or shrubs may be damaged or disturbed for any reason. No holes may be dug. The site must be left in as good as or better condition than that in which it was found.

Please do not border your campsite with rope or any other physical boundary. It is acceptable to use flour or corn meal to border your campsite.

It is your responsibility to maintain site boundary markers and identification numbers.

Off-Limits Areas. All areas not detailed or specified as campsites or activity areas are off-limits to all campers. (The Encampment map in this pamphlet outlines these areas.)

Off-limits areas include the dam, the saw mill, and wading in the creek. Off-limits areas also include the boundaries of other units' campsites. Be sure to use roads and walkways instead of passing through the campsites of others.

Anyone attempting to vandalize State property, molest livestock, or enter posted off-limits areas is subjecting both themselves and their unit to eviction from the Encampment and possible violation of State laws.

Alcohol. Alcohol is not permitted on the Homestead. Aside from other considerations this item is prohibited on State land by State law. Violators of this prohibition will be evicted from the Encampment.

Water Guns. Water guns are not permitted at Patriot Days, and may be confiscated and returned to group leaders for keeping during the weekend.

Fireworks, Projectiles, and Glow Accessories. Fireworks, Projectiles, and Glow Sticks. Neither fireworks nor 'toy' missiles are permitted. These items are prohibited on State land by State law. Violators of this prohibition will be evicted from the Encampment. Glow sticks have been the cause of numerous injuries as they rupture and release their chemicals; as a result these are also prohibited at Patriot Days.

Swimming. The creek looks very inviting on a hot day, but unfortunately the State does not permit swimming or wading for obvious safety reasons.

Loud Music. Please refrain from playing loud music from electronic devices that cause a nuisance to other campers.

Walkie-talkies. Walkie-talkies operated by campers interfere with staff and security communications during the weekend. Please limit their use if your unit uses this method of communications.

Pets. We all love the company of our pets, but we ask you not to bring them to Patriot Days. No matter how harmless your Snoopy may seem to you, he may just seem a nuisance to the next campsite and in addition, exhibit unpredictable behavior in a large crowd.

Wheels. We ask that you leave your wheels at home. This includes bicycles, skateboards, skooters, shoe skates, and rollerblades. They become hazardous on our pedestrian-filled roads.