Other Information

Refreshments. We will not have an outside concession stand this year with hot foods.  We will be selling frozen treats, candy, and snacks as usual. We will also be selling water and beverages this year.

Supplies. Ice will be available at the Homestead. Milk, bread, charcoal, and other supplies are available by car a few miles away on Route 422 West toward Reading. Stores within 10 minute drive include Walmart, Giant Markets, Redners Markets, and Home Depot among others.

Religious Services. The details concerning times and places will appear on the schedule that you will receive at check-in.

T-shirts. A limited number of Encampment T-shirts from this as well as prior years are available for sale. Supplies run out quickly.

Patches. Each camper will receive one patch in return for his or her registration fee. A limited number of patches from past Encampments will be for sale. Current year patches may be sold after final registration needs are determined.

Surveys. We distribute survey forms which we encourage you to fill out with your opinions of the Encampment. Return your form to us at Check-out as you receive your patches. There is no need to identify yourself on these forms.

Unusual Weather. Patriot Days is held rain or shine. We watch weather forecasts closely throughout the weekend.

Activities run by Encampment staff are held �weather permitting." All activities and events by outside volunteers are held according to their best judgment.

In case of a severe weather forecast or weather events during the weekend, procedures for check-in, traffic, and check-out will change. Consult our website for special instructions in the event of severe weather forecast.  We have adjusted parking arrangements in the past.

Note that there are no structures at the Homestead that are capable of sheltering all of the people who come to Patriot Days.  You should make severe weather plans for your own group before you come to Patriot Days.  Parking areas are within at most 15 minute walking distance.

Contact with the Daniel Boone Homestead during Patriot Days. We cannot receive calls at the Homestead around-the-clock during Patriot Days.

The Daniel Boone Homestead telephone number is (610) 582-4900, and is answered by Homestead personnel.

The Patriot Days number (610) 775-3725 will be answered during the weekend.