The Program.   Patriot Days offers a variety of events and activities, both competitive and non-competitive, fun and educational. Participation is always optional.

A schedule of events will be available on our website, with a final copy at check-in.

Listed below, in no special order, are various parts of the program which we wish to highlight and which you may need to prepare for if you plan to participate.

New Activities.   We welcome anyone who is interested in setting-up and operating any new skill game, activity, or demonstration. Please contact us as soon as possible at (610) 775-3725 or to discuss your ideas and to make arrangements for resources and scheduling, or note your interests on your Registration Form.

We also welcome your suggestions for a new event. Give us your thoughts and your campers' thoughts on your Registration Form. We will call you if we need to discuss your ideas.

Homestead Tours.   All groups are urged to take conducted tours of the Daniel Boone Homestead historical buildings during the Encampment.

Talents.   If your unit has any special skills they would like to show off during the Encampment, bring this to our attention on the Comments section of your Registration Form. Please indicate whether any special preparation or area is required.

All campers are urged to bring musical instruments.

Games and Skills.   The games and skills portion of the program will be getting under way Saturday morning. We always need help with running activities.  Any leaders who have questions or would like to assist in running activities should indicate this in the "Help Section" of the Registration Form or approach us at the Saturday morning Activities sign-up. Send us your ideas for any other games or skills that you would like to introduce to Patriot Days.

Volleyball Competition.   Please bring your volleyballs. Any adult leaders who would like to help in running the games are welcome; please approach us at the activities sign-up.

Teams should register on Friday night at Activities Sign-up next to Encampment Headquarters. Area A on the enclosed map.

Volleyball participants will compete for the following awards:

  Best Boy Team:   Best Girl Team:
      *1st place * 2nd place       *1st place * 2nd place

Due to the large number of units involved only one team per unit may participate.

Adult leaders may not participate in competition but they may act as coaches.

Teams may be as large as you want but only six players are permitted on the court at one time. Substitutions are allowed during service exchanges and at the beginning of each game; you must notify referees of all substitutions. You may replace injured players at any time.

Teams must be ready when called and are subject to a ten minute grace period before forfeit.

Races.   There will be three races:

  • 3/4 mile - open to young campers aged 11 and under only.
    The course is all macadam with two small hills.
  • 1 Mile - open to all campers (including leaders) aged 12 and over.
    The course is both macadam and dirt roads with two small hills.
  • 1-3/4 Mile - open to all campers (including leaders). Campers aged 11 and under may, but are not encouraged, to participate.
    The course is macadam, dirt, and grass.
All races have awards for both male and female runners.
No prior registration is necessary. Participants should report at 8:30 AM for a 9 AM start.


Teams may be 2-5 persons, and should have a creative name. Teams must bring their own geo-cache unit.  Each team will be given a start and end time.  See the schedule for times for the event.

First Aid Challenge.   Polish up those first aid skills if you plan to compete. Challenge participants should form 4 person rescue teams and come with supplies for the challenge, such as: blanket, triangular bandages, gauze pads, short & medium wood splints.

Each team will be given 5 minutes to react, treat and handle the emergency. Three to 5 minutes will be provided if an education explanation (feedback) is needed. The group will then move on to the next scene.

Trained first-aiders who would like to help with judging and whose units are not participating in competition should indicate their desire in the "Help Section" of the Registration Form, or approach us at Activities Sign-up on Friday as early as possible. Judges must be certified in First Aid by the American Red Cross or National Safety Council or Basic Life Support or an Emergency Medical Technician.

There is no need to pre-register this year.  Just show up at the time of the event. The event will take pace behind the first aid area. (Area E)

Campsite Competition.   Campsite competition participants will compete for the following:

  Best Boy Scout Campsite:   Best Young Camper Campsite: 
      *1st * 2nd * 3rd places       *1st * 2nd * 3rd places
  Best Girl Scout or Camp Fire Campsite:    
      *1st * 2nd * 3rd places    

Co-ed units, unless mostly young campers, will be placed in the girl or boy category based on majority makeup of their registration.

No prior registration is necessary. We are planning to inspect all campsites. If you prefer not to compete in campsite competition, an adult leader from your group should communicate your desire to an inspecting official.

We assume that all units camp in basically the same manner and we judge accordingly. Units are only penalized when their campsite does not meet generally accepted standards. (We recognize that different standards exist between girl and boy camping and adjustments are made accordingly.)

Your campsite may be judged several times during the day on Saturday and in the late evening. We look at how you arrange, present, and organize your campsite. We do the same with your kitchen area. We look at how safety-conscious you are, including preparation for accidents and fires. We look at how you care for your unit equipment. We look at how you care for and organize your personal equipment. We look for cleanliness. At mealtime we look for general punctuality, organization, safety, and cleanliness. Make sure that you identify your campsite and respect your boundaries.

Your campsite may be inspected more than once, by different judges, in each inspection. So expect that different judges may ask you the same question more than once.

To ensure that inspection procedures run smoothly, do not hamper the judges' work. Judges have been instructed not to show their score sheets or discuss scoring with the units during the course of inspection; you may study your score sheets after check-out.

Read this pamphlet very carefully to be sure that you do not lose points by neglecting Encampment rules and regulations.

Gateway Competition.   Campsite entrance gateways will be considered for the following awards:

  Best Boy Scout Gateway:   Best Girl Scout or Camp Fire Gateway:
      *1st place * 2nd place       *1st place * 2nd place
  Best Young Camper Gateway:    
      *1st place * 2nd place    

Rope Bridges may not exceed a height of 5 feet at their highest point.
Structures (towers or gateways) over the height of 15 feet are not permitted.
Structure platforms may not exceed the height of 10 feet.

Gateway judges are looking for originality and good workmanship. We feel that it is important that gateways are homemade and constructed as much as possible by your campers; it is their gateway.

Please remember that a standard-sized campsite measures 50' X 50.' Your gateway, including guidelines, should not extend beyond the boundaries of one campsite, regardless whether your campsite extends longer than 50.'

The size of your gateway is not a consideration in judging.

All gateways should be constructed in a safe manner. If your gateway is designed for climbing or similar activity, operation of such activities must be strictly supervised at all times by an adult leader.  We reserve the right to restrict such use if we deem it necessary.

2019 FUN Cooking Contest "It's a Pie!"   Each year we feature a different theme, and have included in the past:  pasta, natural desserts, hot dogs, Colonial foods, and many others.

Surprise us with your original creation.  Your creation should be a pie: savory or sweet, appetizer or main course or dessert.  Be as creative as you like with the filling.

  Just follow these basic rules:

1.       You must use charcoal to cook.

2.       You must prepare in your camp site.

3.       Your campers (no adults !!) must do all of the work.

4.       Bring your entry to the judges at the lower lot on Saturday at 5:30 P.M.

5.       Bring your recipe (with unit ID)



No prior registration is necessary.  Use your imagination and HAVE FUN !


Campfire.   Those who wish to be part of the campfire program should appear at Saturday morning Activities sign-up; or better yet, let us know on your application.

We screen skits to avoid repeating skits that we see every year. Use your imagination and be sure to practice. Just remember: all presentations must be in good taste and are limited to 5 minutes.

Singers and guitar players are greatly appreciated for campfire.

We encourage your short stories or poems (P.A. system is available).

Please have your group dress appropriately for campfire.

Bring your unit flag for display at the Campfire.

Dance.   A dance is held after the Saturday evening campfire on the macadamed area near Headquarters.  We appreciate as many adult chaperones at the dance as possible.

Movies.   Bring along some popcorn.  There will be movies Friday night and again Saturday night running in concurrence with the dance (at a different location from the dance).