Registration-by-mail.   Complete the registration form and mail along with your registration fee to:
Patriot Days Encampment
PO Box 827
Shillington, PA 19607-0827

Units may register to camp for the entire weekend or may register to visit for just the day on Saturday.

Whether you are camping for the weekend or just visiting for the day on Saturday, your pre-payment of the entire per-camper registration fee will enable us to greatly simplify and speed the registration process on Saturday.  If not pre-paying in full, you must register with $50 non-refundable deposit which will be applied against your total per-person registration.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Patriot Days Encampment Committee .

Please be sure to return your Registration by Monday, June , to ensure a campsite for your unit. (Saturday-only visitors will not be assigned a campsite.)  Prompt return of your registration also helps us to order the proper amount of portable toilets, concession supplies, and other services. If you have any last-minute changes after you have mailed your registration, please call us at (610) 775-3725, or e-mail

We will formally acknowledge receipt of your registration during the week before the Encampment. Check our during the week before the Encampment in case there are important updates.

You may submit your Group Roster via e-mail before you come to Patriot Days.

On the Saturday morning of the Encampment weekend campers will formally validate their  registration in-person at Registration Settlement.  Registration for Saturday-only visitors will be addressed when you enter the Homestead on Saturday. 

Registration Settlement - ALL WEEKEND UNITS.   All units who camp for the weekend must validate their registration, even if you came with the registered amount of campers.  A leader from each unit must come to Registration Settlement from 8:00 to 10:00 A.M. on Saturday morning next to Encampment Headquarters  (area A on the enclosed map).

Your Group Roster should be submitted, or changes made, at this time.

The amount which you prepaid as mail-in registration is applied as a deposit against the total due of $20-per-camper-in-attendance or $50 unit registration, whichever is greater. Any amounts owed to Patriot Days should be paid by check or money order.  We will not be prepared to handle cash.

We will reimburse you by check for any amounts overpaid.

Saturday-only Visitors.   Those who register for Saturday-only will receive instructions when they enter the Homestead.  The amount which you prepaid as mail-in registration is applied as a deposit against the total due of $10-per-camper ($5-per-camper for age 10 and under). Please submit a group roster at this time.  Any amounts owed to Patriot Days should be paid by check or money order.  We will not be prepared to handle cash.  Encampment patches are not included with day registration but will be available for sale.

Cancellation Policy.   In the event that you must cancel, we will refund the amount of your pre-payment which exceeds $50.  Pre-paid registration up to $50 is not refundable, and  helps to defer expenses that we incur in anticipation of your attendance, including among other things portable toilets, program materials, food, and  Encampment patches.

Group Roster.   Please prepare a Group Roster "before" you come to the Encampment. Completion of the roster is required in order to comply with state health and safety regulations and is also useful for finding the owners of lost items or locating an individual in an emergency. The Group Roster should be submitted to officials at Saturday morning Registration Settlement. Please be sure that your Roster includes the names of your campers and your leaders. You may submit your Roster via e-mail the day before the Encampment.

Campsites.   Campsites are pre-assigned. Site size is determined by group size:

Campers  Size
0 - 10 25' X 50'
11 - 20 50' X 50'
21-30 75' X 50'
31-40 100 X 50'
over 40 150 X 50'

Campsite location is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis by order of postmark date of registration. Please plan any gateways, skill demonstrations, or exhibits according to your space requirements. If you need additional space, please describe your needs in the Comments section of your Registration Form.

You may be assigned to an overflow area located further from the main camping area if we receive your Registration after the June 3 deadline.