2 Adult Hours of your time is required for Saturday

Running the Encampment is fun and personally rewarding to us, but it is also a HUGE undertaking for both committee members and staff. We want to make the event even more fun for your group, but to do that we badly need your help. We need you to give service to the Encampment, just as you would when you camp at home. An hour or two of your time would help us smooth out the problem areas and make everyone's stay more fun.

Please tell us what you can handle, so that we can plan our schedules in advance.

Would you like to come, but can't come with a unit this year? We welcome experienced adults who can come for the weekend or even just for Friday night or Saturday.

Water Wagon, Waterways, and Homestead property. Bring your camp chair, relax, and swap Scouting stories while chaperoning water facilities and Homestead waterways and property.

Concession Stands We need adults to help us in the concession stands on Saturday.

Food Contest. Help us judge. Let the cooks impress you with their entry in the Cooking Contest.

Go-fers. We can run you ragged with all kinds of Go-fer tasks.

Crafts & Games. You can help us with the young camper games or games for older campers.

Races. We always need help keeping the roads clear during the Saturday morning races.

Volleyball. If you have 20-20 hindsight and actually know how the game is played, help us judge the volleyball games. You, too, can know the joy of being accused of being blind, biased, and totally ignorant of the rules of the game. Volunteer a few hours of your time and you can be insulted with the rest of us.

First Aid. Trained first aiders whose units are not competing are welcome to help with judging. Judges must be certified in First Aid by the American Red Cross or National Safety Council or Basic Life Support or an Emergency Medical Technician.

Campsite Inspection. We need people to wander through the campsites finding fault with nearly everything. At least that's what people tell us we do. We prefer to think we're fairly judging the campsite competition and we can use your experience. This one takes just a few hours.

Anything New?

  • Would you like to introduce a new event?
  • Do you have a special talent you would like to show off?
  • Do you have some fresh ideas that you would like to share?
  • We "always" need new blood.

Did we forget anything?
Please complete the HELP SECTION of the Registration Form.

Older Youth can earn community service hours by helping with many of the items above.

Thank you for your efforts.